Cosmetic Dentistry

Smiles are often one of the first things people notice, and having a radiant smile can give us the confidence we need to make the right first impression in any situation.

Unsightly stains, crooked teeth, or any one of a variety of other dental issues can severely impact our oral aesthetic, making us hesitant to show it off. This is not to mention the potential discomfort of chips, cracks, and misalignment.

At Lifetime Dentistry, Drs. Christopher Kim and Sonya Austin provide cosmetic dentistry for complete aesthetic makeovers that give you the radiant smile you deserve.

Teeth Whitening

Just like skin, our teeth have pores. A little bit of everything we eat and drink gets soaked into the enamel, causing stains and discoloration. Things like coffee, tea, red wine, berries, and smoking are some of the worst offenders.

Lifetime Dentistry offers teeth whitening as an effecting and non-invasive solution capable of brightening your smile by several shades. Whether in the office or at home on your own time, whitening treatments make your smile shine.


These thin porcelain shells shine with the luster of natural enamel and are custom-designed to enhance your dental aesthetics. From stains and discolorations to cracks and chips, veneers are a beautiful, minimally-invasive treatment that can give your smile an aesthetic overhaul.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding uses the same composite resin used in fillings to correct minor cosmetic issues. The material is sculpted directly onto the tooth to cover minor cracks and fill noticeable gaps.

Bonding is one of the easiest and most affordable cosmetic treatments available, requiring no anesthetic and no invasive procedures.

Smile Design in Keller

Dr. Kim and Dr. Austin can give you a whole new smile. Smile design allows our skilled team to completely overhaul your dental aesthetic using a combination of these and other cosmetic treatments. When all is said and done, your smile will shine like never before!

Contact Lifetime Dentistry in Keller for your cosmetic smile makeover.

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